introducing WorrkBox Payroll for WorrkBox People Plus: Put an end to payroll errors


introducing WorrkBox Payroll for WorrkBox People Plus: Put an end to payroll errors


HR professionals within an organization need to take care of a substantial quantity of employee data. Even a tiny data error may result in compliance problems and employee dissatisfaction. Employee payroll management is one of the company operations that can cause substantial problems when not handled properly. Your workers will lose confidence in your business when there are repetitive mistakes in their paychecks.

Integrating and automating your Payroll and HR operations is an excellent way to decrease payroll errors. This new addition to WorrkBox-HR can work wonders for your company by making payroll processing easy and error-free. This can make your HR operations more efficient while offering a seamless employee experience.

  • Automate payroll calculations

With the WorrkBox Payroll, you can automate all of your payroll processes, that’s the key to faster and productive payroll implementation. It puts an end to unexpected mistakes and ensures your employees are paid correctly and on time. By configuring your pay frequency, cover date, and other statutory aspects of payroll including expert Tax, Employee Provident Fund (EPF), and much more, you can automate your company’s payroll processing. It is also possible to generate comprehensive payslips that provide advice on various deductions and taxation and discuss them with workers.

  • Make compliance easy and effective

Many payroll professionals spend much of the time and effort on compliance to prevent enormous penalties and, sometimes, even permit cancellation. You don’t need to think about aspects like upgraded compliance laws, keeping and upgrading payroll records, and processing Tax Deduction at Source. Various areas can be configured to make sure that payroll processing is in keeping with local compliance legislation.

  • Empower your employees

Employees can access the files and information that they need, such as payslips, income tax returns, reimbursements, PF information, annual earnings, investment declarations, and much more –all from one window every time they want. They are also able to import several bills for reimbursement via the portal. WorrkBox Payroll’s iOS and Android programs make it possible for employees to do these functions from anywhere, anytime. By doing this, you can prevent confusion, and your employees can get timely cash returns.

  • Generate relevant reports

As payroll is among the most expensive procedures in your organization, it is crucial to have clear visibility with each step. With WorrkBox Payroll, reports that describe concepts like EPF, Professional Tax, Employee State Insurance, tax returns, overall payroll costs, and monthly wages are available and shared in only a couple of steps. You can even generate reports that provide you a summary of your worker time-off and attendance details.

These are a few of the numerous things which you could do with WorrkBox Payroll. It is designed to take the tedium out of payroll processing and make it as easy and pristine as possible.

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